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Auto adjustments
Auto adjustments include Auto brightness, Auto contrast, Auto color and Auto levels. Auto adjustments do not assume any settings to customize. Using these actions you can achieve simple tonal, color, contrast and brightness correction that is done automatically. You may click Edit at the Menu bar or click Adjustments at the Process toolbar and choose there any of Auto adjustments you want to apply.

Here is Auto brightness dialog box:

Actually Auto adjustment's dialog boxes are similar. The only difference is the name of the Process that you can see at the top of dialog box. As Auto adjustment dialog box opened you can see the preview of the result at the Preview area.

Click Apply you want to apply changes to one file. If you don't like effect, use CTRL+Z combination or Edit -> Undo from the menu bar to move back to the original image.

Choose the quality of the output JPEG file:

And click Save.

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