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Process tolbar
For convenience Process toolbar duplicates the content of Edit menu. Here you may scrutinize the detailed description of possible actions.

To make it easier we divided the actions into five groups:

  1. The fist group is Image transformations. The actions of this group are described at the Editing actions supported section.

  2. The second group is Watermarks and Borders. To learn more about these options read chapters Watermark and Borders accordinately.

  3. The third group is Adjustments. The description of actions of this group you can find at the Editing actions supported.

  4. The fourth and fifth groups are Artistic effects and Geometric effects accordingly; All Actions from the fourth and the fifth groups are described at the Editing actions supported section the numbers are from 10. to 19.

  5. Also it is possible to use Red eye option to remove red eyes from ypur photos.
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