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Quick Setup
  1. Install ReaSoft Network Firewall

    • Run ReaSoft Network Firewall setup;
    • In the Installation Wizard, follow the on-screen instructions;
    • Restart you computer.

  2. Network Configuration Wizard

    The Network Configuration Wizard will start automatically after you restarting the computer. Note, until the wizard finishes its work, ReaSoft Network Firewall will allow any network connections. Follow next steps to configure your network:

    • Set the Administrative password
    • Select network interface mapped to the Private Network. Private networks usually present your local are networks.
    • Specify the IP ranges included in the Private Network ReaSoft Network Firewall automatically detects IP ranges for selected network interface.
    • Select network interface mapped to the Private Network. Private networks usually present untrusted network, for example Internet.
    • Specify the services from the Public network that will be available for clients from Private network.
    • Check the setting for your network and click finish to apply configuration. If you configure ReaSoft Network Firewall through RDP> (Terminal Service), short-term breaks of connection possible.

  3. Create Networks

    Network Configuration Wizard will create only basic network configuration settings. If you have some private and/or public networks, create property objects.

  4. Configure Network Relationships

    Network Configuration Wizard will set the NAT relationship between the first private and public networks, by default. If you create some networks on previous step, configure the relationships between those networks. By default, If there is no relationship set between two networks, the entire traffic between the networks is blocked.

  5. Create Network Objects

    To configure Firewall Policy and Traffic Usage Policy, create additional network objects: users, computers, IP ranges and object sets.

  6. Configure Firewall Policy Network Configuration Wizard will create only basic Firewall Policy rules. If you create some Networks and/or network objects go to the Firewall Policy to configure access for new objects.

  7. Configure Traffic Usage Policy

    Network Configuration Wizard will create only some basic traffic counting rules. You can create new and edit existent rules.

  8. Purchase ReaSoft Network Firewall

    For your convenience, ReaSoft Network Firewall has a 35-day trial period. During the trial period, you can use the program for free without any functional limitations. Upon the expiry of the trial period, you will have to purchase ReaSoft Network Firewall for further use.


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