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Creating PDF documents
For your convenience we made it possible to use ReaSoft PDF Printer SE as shared printer or terminal printer:
  • Using ReaSoft PDF Printer Server over LAN. ReaSoft PDF Printer being used over LAN behaves as shared printer. In this case ReaSoft PDF Printer installed on the server allows the users to connected to a local network and use it as a shared printer. Only administrators are authorized to customize and change users' settings. This way the users can only start printing process. If allowed by administrators, users can change just some of the basic settings, such as paper size, fonts, etc.

  • Using ReaSoft PDF Printer Server in Windows Terminal Services and Citrix Metaframe environments. When a user logs on to a Windows Terminal Server with the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client, the client sends information about the clientís printers to the Terminal Server. The Terminal Server uses this information to auto-create printers in the userís session that correlate to the userís local or network printers. So if ReaSoft PDF Printer is installed for use in Windows Terminal Services and Citrix Metaframe environments, even though it runs on a server, behaves as if it is installed locally. That is why all users can access all features of ReaSoft PDF Printer and configure their own settings without any restrictions unless the modification of settings is not allowed by administrators.
As the document you want to print is ready click File on the menu bar of redactor program and in the floating menu choose Print option:

or simply press Ctrl+P.

In the Printer window you should choose the printer to use. If in the ReaSoft PDF Printer SE Wizard at the Final settings tab Set ReaSoft PDF Printer SE as default printer radio button is enabled, than ReaSoft PDF Printer will be chosen as default.

Please note: you can always change ReaSoft PDF Printer to another one of your list with simple click on needed printer's name.

As you passed printing dialog box and click Print button the printing process starts. If in the ReaSoft PDF Printer SE Wizard at the Basic settings tab or in the ReaSoft PDF Printer SE Settings at the General Settings tab at the Show PDF Save Dialog None is choosen, ReaSoft PDF Printer SE will print PDF to the Destination folder. If Simple - you will choose the folder interactively. If Advanced is chosen you will be able to customize a lot of settings interactively.

If in the ReaSoft PDF Printer SE Settings at the General Settings tab Send PDF by e-mail radio button is enabled, in the end of printing process blank letter appears with your PDF file in attach.

Please note: you can start printing process also with right click on your file and choose Print in the floating menu.


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