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ReaSoft PDF Printer SE Command line utilities
There are several command line tools included with ReaSoft PDF Printer. They are located in the printer's application folder (default path is C:\Program Files\ReaSoft\ReaSoft PDF Printer SE).

Basic tools


This tool provides the basic functionality of printing a group of files with the ReaSoft PDF Printer. Syntax is printlst fileList [settsFile] where fileList is a simpe text file that lists a group of files to be printed (each file name on the new line) and settsFile is an optional printer settings file to be applied. You can create a printer settings file using "Save settings" button of either ReaSoft PDF Printer settings application or its 'advanced mode' PDF save dialog.


Usage: prntopdf fileName. This small tool just prints a file with the ReaSoft PDF Printer.

Advanced tools


This tool provides the advanced file printing functionality. It can be used to print files, folders (all printable files in a folder) or lists of files. This tool is not tied to ReaSoft PDF Printer by default, you may need to specify printer name explicitly. If printer name is not specified, default printer is used which may or may not be the ReaSoft PDF Printer.


  1. /file fileName - print a file
  2. /dir folderName - print all printable files in a folder
  3. /list fileList - print a group of files listed in a simple text file
  4. /printer printerName - use printerName printer instead of default printer


Use this tool to load and save ReaSoft PDF Printer settings from the command line.


  1. /load settsFile - load printer settings from file
  2. /save settsFile - save printer settings to file
  3. /backup - backup printer settings
  4. /restore - restore printer settings

The typical usage for this tool would be as follows. /load some alternative printer settings and /backup current


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