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Output format settings
There some options here:

  1. Save EXIF information - Transfers the EXIF metadata from original files to converted JPEGs. EXIF metadata is not supported in these source formats: JPEG 2000, PNG, or GIF. Tags contain the system information like:

    • Date and time information. Digital cameras will record the current date and time and save this in the metadata.
    • Camera settings. This includes static information such as the camera model and make, and information that varies with each image such as orientation, aperture, shutter speed, focal length, metering mode, and ISO speed information.
    • A thumbnail for previewing the picture on the camera's LCD screen, in file managers, or in photo manipulation software.
    • Descriptions and copyright information.

  2. Grayscale - saves JPEGs in black and white palette.

  3. Progressive - when checked, your files will be converted to "Progressive JPEG" format, in which data is compressed in multiple passes of progressively higher detail. This is ideal for large images that will be displayed whilst downloading over a slow connection, allowing a reasonable preview after receiving only a portion of the data.

  4. Quality. You can set the quality for output JPEG files, please move the slider to the left or right or enter the quality in percents compared to the original file. For example, 100% quality gives you extremely minor artifacts, 50% - initial signs of sub image artifacts, 25% - stronger artifacts; loss of high resolution information.
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