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Network rules
Network Rules are used to define relationships between networks. If there is no relationship set between two networks by Network Rules, the entire traffic between the networks is blocked. There are two relationship types: NAT and Route.


If you specify this type of relationships between networks, ReaSoft Network Firewall translates the client IP address of the client from the source network into its own IP address from the destination network.


If you specify this type of relationships, requests from clients in the source network are sent to the destination network without any changes.

In order to insure higher security, only private networks and objects from private networks (Computers, Computer Sets, IP ranges) can be used as a source for Network rules.

There is no need to specify Network rules for the Local Host object because when Local Host interacts with objects from other networks, a direct connection is always established.

Order of Network rules.

Network rules are specified in the form of an ordered list. To find the rule that will determine the relationship between objects in the different networks, ReaSoft Network Firewall looks through the list of all rules one by one. The first matching rule will be used, others will be ignored.

  • ReaSoft Network Firewall allows you to set the NAT relationship only for the TCP, UDP and ICMP protocols.

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