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Firewall Security Client overview
Firewall Security Client is a small application that is installed on the client computer in the local area network. Firewall Security Client is used to authenticate the client by a Windows login or by a ReaSoft Network Firewall login.

For the client to work in a normal way, you should allow access to Local Host via TCP port 11333 on the ReaSoft Network Firewall server from the network where the client is stored. By default, ReaSoft Network Firewall creates the required Predefined firewall rule allowing Firewall Security Clients to connect from private networks.

When you are installing ReaSoft Network Firewall, the shared rnsclient folder is created on the server. To install Firewall Security Client, just run the file setup.exe in the shared NSClient folder on the ReaSoft Network Firewall server.

After you install Firewall Security Client, it will be automatically launched each time the operating system is started.

Firewall Security Client can automatically search for the ReaSoft Network Firewall server. The client will be authenticated on the server under the current Windows Login for each connection.

  • Create proper Users and Firewall Access rules on the ReaSoft Network Firewall Server to authenticate clients by Firewall Security Client.

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