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Firewall Redirect rules
ReaSoft Network Firewall can provide secure access from the Internet to servers inside your local area network. For example, web servers, FTP servers, mail servers, etc. To publish LAN resource, you should create a Firewall Redirect rule. If a server from the internal network is published via ReaSoft Network Firewall, the external client actually interacts with ReaSoft Network Firewall that redirects all requests to the internal server. At the same time, the IP address of the internal server remains hidden because clients send their requests to the IP address of the ReaSoft Network Firewall server.

Using server publishing, you protect your internal network against possible attacks from untrusted networks because they will be aimed at the protected ReaSoft Network Firewall server.

Besides server publishing, Redirect rules allow you to redirect connections to another destination and also to change the number of an access port. The server publishing process is also known as Port mapping or Port forwarding.

  • Publishing is possible only for the TCP, UDP and ICMP protocols.
  • Redirect rules must always be located above (meaning the order they are applied in) Access rules.

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