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Using ReaTIFF: Single Image mode
With the ReaTIFF Single Image mode you can convert your images to TIFF one by one. Usually you should use this mode when you have just a few images to convert and you want to apply some image processings to each individual image.
Typical usage of Single Image mode looks like this:
  • Open your source image with "Open image" button or just drag-and-drop it from Windows Explorer.
  • (optional) Apply image processings as needed. ReaTIFF image editor provides several popular image manipulation functions, including resize, crop, rotate, mirror, brightness, contrast, border, watermark, red eye correction and a dozen of various artistic effects.
  • (optional) Adjust TIFF compression method if needed.
  • Save your resulting image with "Convert and Save" button.
( click on image to see larger picture )
ReaTIFF online help file
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact our technical support.
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