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Step 3. User licensing
ReaSoft PDF Printer SE Wizard is the same that ReaSoft PDF Printer Server Edition Wizard. The Wizard allows you to configure ReaSoft PDF Printer Server edition.

User licensing includes the following:

  • Add user. Adds a user to the list of licensed users. Each ReaSoft PDF Printer Server Edition license has a limited number of users allowed to access it. Changes to the licensed users list are not saved until you click 'OK' or 'Apply'.

  • Add group. Creates a printer settings user group. Each group must have a unique name.

  • Delete group. Delete a printer settings user group. All users from that group are moved to 'General' default group.

  • User settings. This option leaves printer settings for the selected user unaltered. User has full control over his printer settings.

  • Load settings from. Use this option to change user printer settings once. User settings are read from global settings or file. This is done next time user accesses the printer. After that user has 'user settings' option again.

  • Bind settings to. Use this option to permanently set user printer settings to that of global settings or file. User cannot change his printer settings.

  • Auto-add licenses. Here you choose whether to assign available licenses to your users manually or automatically.
It is also possible to change all these settings using ReaSoft PDF Printer SE Settings dialog box, Users tab.

As soon as you specify basic settings click Finish button to finish ReaSoft PDF Printer SE Wizard. If so all settings you made will be saved. Click Back button to move back and change something you want. If you want to cancel ReaSoft PDF Printer SE Wizard click Cancel button.


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