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ReaCompressor 1.5

September 30, 2002

ReaSoft Development Releases ReaCompressor v1.5.

ReaSoft Development announced this month the release of ReaCompressor v1.5 for Windows - the essential graphic solution to prepare images for the web.

ReaCompressor v1.5 provides you with an ability to choose from the most effective compression formats for you image: JPEG, GIF or PNG. There is no more need to read tons of graphic format specifications to choose the right one for the web. You see everything in real time.

ReaCompressor v1.5 provides you with an ability to optimize your image with your own JPG, GIF, PNG settings and see the changes in real time. It lets you quickly and easily compare your original image with optimized JPG, GIF or PNG by its visual quality, size, etc. in a table-based composition.

Your original graphic file format can be any. So it is a conversion solution as well.

By showing an image in your own settings and desired quality ReaCompressor v1.5 helps web professionals and amateurs better optimize an image and make the right decision on it's format, quality and size.

The new version of the software features new easy-to-use interface, added real-time image changes, new optional window for the original image to compare.

System Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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