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Convert / change BMP to JPG
BMP: The Bitmap file format is used for bitmap graphics on the Windows platform only. Unlike other file formats the BMP format stores image data from bottom to top and pixels in blue/green/red order. Compression of BMP files is not supported, so they are usually very large.

JPEG: JPG (JPEG) supports 24 bits of color information, and is most commonly used for photographs and similar continuous-tone bitmap images. The JPEG file format stores all of the color information in an RGB image. JPEG was designed so that changes made to the original image during conversion to JPEG would not be visible to the human eye.

Simple renaming the extension from BMP to JPG is not a way to change this different formats. Convert BMP to JPEG with ReaJPEG!

ReaJPEG - Image Converter to JPEG. It's simple!

ReaJPEG is our popular image converter, allowing you to convert images from most commonly used graphic formats to JPEG. You can convert you images to JPG either one by one or all at once as a batch job.

Built-in image editor provides several popular image manipulation functions, including resize, crop, rotate, mirror, brightness, contrast, border, watermark, red eye correction and a dozen of various artistic effects.

For example, you can resize a folder of images to JPG, change the color depth, apply a watermark and add a prefix to the file name - all in a single step.

ReaJPEG is primarily intended for batch photo editing and JPEG conversion.

 Convert BMP to JPEG now!  ( ReaJPEG.exe, 8.8Mb )

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