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Convert PS to JPG, TIFF or other image format

PS: format can contain text and both vector and bitmap graphics, or it may consist of font definitions and drawing commands. Simple renaming PS extension wouldn't make it works. Convert PS to JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG or PDF with ReaConverter - batch PS converter.


ReaConverter - PS to JPG Converter

ReaConverter makes PS (PostScript) formats conversion and processing simple. With ReaConverter you can convert and edit batch of PS, EPS, PDF, AI, EPI files at the same time.

Being a convenient and powerful batch image processing tool, ReaConverter can be also effectively used for PostScript processing. It supports a wide variety of image editing operations allowing you to create as high quality pictures as only possible.

Advanced users can do the same using right click or command line utility in manual, automated or scheduled mode.

Change PS to JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG with ReaConverter:

Here you can find simple steps to convert batch of PS files:
  1. Download and install PS converter from the link below: ( 34.8Mb )

  2. Open ReaConverter and load your PS files.

  3. If you want edit PS files while the conversion set editing actions.

  4. Choose the extension (JPG, TIFF, PNG or other) you want save your PS files, folder to save in, naming rules for new files, its size and other features. Push start button.

 Download PS Converter for free!

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