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How to convert ORF to JPG (JPEG), TIFF, PNG

Simple renaming ORF extension wouldn't make it work. Convert ORF image files with ReaConverter - batch image converter. It supports variety of graphic formats, including ORF.


ReaConverter - Professional ORF Converter

ReaConverter batch photo editor is an ideal way for creative digital photography enthusiasts and photographers to get greater results from the taken pictures in an easy, fast and low-cost manner.

Being a convenient and powerful batch image processing tool, ReaConverter can be also effectively used for photo and image processing. It supports a wide variety of editing operations allowing you to create as high quality pictures as only possible.

The most helpful image editing: resizing, cropping, adjusting color balance, tone, removing unwanted red-eye effect, applying artistic effects, watermarking, etc.

Change ORF to JPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP or other format with ReaConverter!

Here you can find simple steps to convert batch of ORF files:
  1. Download and install ReaConverter Pro from the link below:

  2. Open ReaConverter and and select ORF files you want to convert.

  3. If you want edit your ORF images you can set editing actions.

  4. Choose the extension you want save your ORF files, folder to save in, naming rules for new files, its size and other features. Push start button. ORF converter will complete your conversion automatically.

 Download ORF Converter for free!

With ReaConverter you'll be able to convert any RAW images:
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