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Change / Convert JPG, JPEG to BMP, TIFF, PDF or other format

JPG: JPG (JPEG) image supports 24 bits of color information, and is most commonly used for photographs and similar continuous-tone bitmap images. The JPEG file format stores all of the color information in an RGB image. JPEG was designed so that changes made to the original image during conversion to JPEG would not be visible to the human eye. Unlike GIF, JPEG does not support transparency.

Renaming .JPG extension to another one doesn't make your file work! Convert JPG to BMP with ReaConverter - batch image converter.

Change jpg to bmp, tiff, tif

ReaConverter - easy to use JPEG converter

Working with digital images and computers, printers, and other stuff it is usual problem "How to change one image format to another?" ReaConverter has been designed for this needs!

First, it can read about 400+ image formats what means that it can convert from 400 image formats, including JPEG.

Second, you can work on a thousand images at once.

Third, you can edit every image while converting to another image format.

Just imagine that you need change the extension, resize images, crop, apply watermark, make a border for a hundred images. Believe, ReaConverter makes the same within a second.

Convert between BMP, JPG, JPEG, TIFF and others extensions with ReaConverter!

 Download JPG to BMP Converter for free!

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