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To flip
With the Flip option you can have your pictures inverted vertically and horizontally. You may choose Edit - Flip at the Menu bar or click Image transformations at the Process toolbar and choose Flip. Here is the Flip option screen:

Vertical flip mirrors the pictures upside-down. Horizontal flip mirrors them from the right to the left and vice versa.

More settings available for the Resize, Rotate, Projective, Anti projective and Horizon strengthening options include Lanczos resampling, Linear resampling, Mitchell resampling and Nearest resampling. Resampling changes the number of pixels in an image, and is used to achieve a better output when the image size is in any way changed.

Click Apply you want to apply changes to one file. If you don't like effect, use CTRL+Z combination or Edit -> Undo from the menu bar to move back to the original image.

Choose the quality of the output JPEG file:

And click Save.

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