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Here you can tweak PDF viewer defaults that will be included in every PDF document created with the printer. Using ReaSoft PDF Printer you are allowed to set the initial view preferences of a PDF document, such as

Please learn more about Initial view.

Specifying the page layout to be used when the document is opened. Page layout include the following options :

Please learn more about Page layout.

These control which parts of Acrobat's own user interface should be hidden when this document is displayed. These are useful for when creating a full screen presentation or you don't wish users to use Acrobat's own UI. User interface include the following options:

Please learn more about User interface options.

  1. View PDF. Enable this radio button view the result PDF file after the printing process if finished.

  2. Help button. Click this button to open Help topics.

  3. Load settings from file. Use this button to load settings you saved before. Thus you may use the same settings you used before without customizing them again.

  4. Save settings to file. This option allows you to save the settings you customized so that you could use them later.

  5. Print... If you press this button the printing process will start immediately.

  6. Save... With the help of this button you can customize the destination folder where the result of your printing will be saved.

  7. Mail to... This option allows to send your PDF by e-mail after printing process is finished. Please note that you should have a postal client installed on your computer.

  8. Merger with... As you click this button the following window appears:

  9. Close. Click this button to exit Advanced Save Dialog box.

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